Trib3 Steel Week Achievement

Well, if you’d asked me 7 days ago if I thought I could have done 7 days of Trib3 workouts in one week – I wasn’t completely sure… but here I am, the otherside, celebrating success! I have just finished my Trib3 STEEL WEEK and have ticked off one of my 2017 goals! Trib3, the…

Favourite Coffee Spots

Head over to to see my guest post on my favourite coffee spots in the city. Because there’s always time for coffee. Read it here.

Clean eating: My food story and lifestyle changes for life.

I wanted to share how my relationship with food has changed for the better. It all started when I opened iPhoto a couple of years ago and¬†thought,¬†wow, I can see how heavy I am in this photo. I became more¬†insecure about my weight, and hated seeing how I looked. I felt so tired all the…

Healthier ways to get your coffee kick!

This week, I’ve¬†collaborated with love coffee,¬†sharing lots of different and healthier ways to get your coffee kick!¬†Find out more in this blog,¬†from¬†how to cut coffee calories to boosting metabolism – take a look at my coffee cup ideas¬†here!  

Avo-Choco-Peanut-Protein Pudding!

With lots of avocados in the house and because I love them¬†so much, I was open to eating them for dessert too! And of course, it goes without saying that there is ALWAYS plenty of peanut butter in my fridge too, so I got experimental and wow, this chocolate pudding turned out into one amazing…


Call the carb police, because I’m celebrating TOAST. I know it’s common knowledge that white bread isn’t good for our diet, but choosing the right wholegrain loaf makes it ok for¬†us to enjoy some yummy toasty snacks on occasion.¬†Besides,¬†life is all about balance right? I don’t eat bread every day, so when I do, I’m…

Life Update: Career, Coffee and Collaborations

I felt like posting something a little different this week here on my blog, and it feels nice to share a¬†little piece of me that maybe no one has seen or is aware of. I’m consciously not too public with my life or work, as I love working in ‘silence’ in terms of social media….


Blue Skies, Feasting, and Walking to Space!

Post Vacation, Getting back on track and Health & Fitness App Motivation

Well, it’s been 2 weeks that I’ve been away on holiday and whilst I’ve still been working out and staying active through adventuring, I’ve definitely indulged! I’ve had the most amazing time away and have seen some¬†beautiful¬†parts of the world,¬†soaking up much needed downtime in lots of sunshine! But now I’m home, I’m definitely on…