How to make sure that 2017 slays 2016.

As much as we see the new year, new me plastered all over our friend’s social media pages; the diet book launches, the workout plans; I have to admit, I myself am completely accepting of a new year, new beginning state of mind. Anyone who knows me knows that part of my being is the drive to become my…

An alternative to Pre-Workout

Need a pre-workout energy boost? Drinking coffee before the gym won’t only perk you up with a caffeine fix, but it can also improve your athletic performance along with other health and fitness benefits. Take a look at my guest blog on to find out more.  

Clean eating: My food story and lifestyle changes for life.

I wanted to share how my relationship with food has changed for the better. It all started when I opened iPhoto a couple of years ago and thought, wow, I can see how heavy I am in this photo. I became more insecure about my weight, and hated seeing how I looked. I felt so tired all the…

Healthier ways to get your coffee kick!

This week, I’ve collaborated with love coffee, sharing lots of different and healthier ways to get your coffee kick! Find out more in this blog, from how to cut coffee calories to boosting metabolism – take a look at my coffee cup ideas here!  

Life Update: Career, Coffee and Collaborations

I felt like posting something a little different this week here on my blog, and it feels nice to share a little piece of me that maybe no one has seen or is aware of. I’m consciously not too public with my life or work, as I love working in ‘silence’ in terms of social media….

Post Vacation, Getting back on track and Health & Fitness App Motivation

Well, it’s been 2 weeks that I’ve been away on holiday and whilst I’ve still been working out and staying active through adventuring, I’ve definitely indulged! I’ve had the most amazing time away and have seen some beautiful parts of the world, soaking up much needed downtime in lots of sunshine! But now I’m home, I’m definitely on…

Sugar Detox

How many of us go through our days craving something sweet? Or how many of us pick up our favourite treat and then feel sluggish after? And who just read this title, and wants to make healthier diet choices and feel better for it? Here’s my sugar detox story. Not long ago, I went through a sugar…