That weekly #healthspo: Summer body secrets!

Prepping for a summer body? If you’re looking for some easy tips to help achieve your bikini body then read this week’s #healthspo for the my summer body secrets! No diets, no slimming teas or diet pills! MY TOP 10 SUMMER BODY SECRETS! Make your breakfast high protein and high fibre – it’s scientifically proven…

No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Bites

When the sweet tooth calls, and you have a serious peanut butter addiction, so you whip these beauties up! These oat bites are so yummy! And better yet, no baking involved! Head over to the gorgeous Salt and Chic’s blog to read my guest blog on how to make these! Read it here.  

Favourite Coffee Spots

Head over to to see my guest post on my favourite coffee spots in the city. Because there’s always time for coffee. Read it here.

Cape Verde

White Sands, blue sea, coconuts, and palm trees.