Monthly Favourites: March

Wow what a month it’s been! March was definitely a busy one! But aside from the busy times, there’s been some super rewarding moments and lots of good company and new things to enjoy. Here’s my monthly favourites that have been getting me through this last month. Nespresso Citiz Just in case anyone didn’t spot my coffee…

How and why I’m starting a social media cleanse.

Last night, before I got into bed, I left my phone on the table in the living room. Getting into bed and knowing that I’ve escaped from messages and information was actually pretty satisfying. I normally sleep with my phone next to me on my bedside, but I’m changing that. Last night, I told Simon…

Trib3 Steel Week Achievement

Well, if you’d asked me 7 days ago if I thought I could have done 7 days of Trib3 workouts in one week – I wasn’t completely sure… but here I am, the otherside, celebrating success! I have just finished my Trib3 STEEL WEEK and have ticked off one of my 2017 goals! Trib3, the…

How to make sure that 2017 slays 2016.

As much as we see the new year, new me plastered all over our friend’s social media pages; the diet book launches, the workout plans; I have to admit, I myself am completely accepting of a new year, new beginning state of mind. Anyone who knows me knows that part of my being is the drive to become my…

An alternative to Pre-Workout

Need a pre-workout energy boost? Drinking coffee before the gym won’t only perk you up with a caffeine fix, but it can also improve your athletic performance along with other health and fitness benefits. Take a look at my guest blog on to find out more.  

No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Bites

When the sweet tooth calls, and you have a serious peanut butter addiction, so you whip these beauties up! These oat bites are so yummy! And better yet, no baking involved! Head over to the gorgeous Salt and Chic’s blog to read my guest blog on how to make these! Read it here.  

Favourite Coffee Spots

Head over to to see my guest post on my favourite coffee spots in the city. Because there’s always time for coffee. Read it here.