That Weekly #Healthspo: The happiness checklist

I hope however you’re spending the weekend, you’re having an amazing one in this beautiful weather and recharging yourself for a whole new week ahead! And with that said, I’m here delivering that weekly #Healthspo to keep you motivated, focused and feeling epic!

This week has been a fun one; Coffees with lots of people I love, stepping up my game on my mission body reboot and feeling content and happy on the inside.

This week we’re talking happiness. Because health isn’t just about what we’re at from the outside in, it’s how we’re feeling from the inside out too!

So, here I present to you, THE HAPPINESS CHECK LIST. Tick these 10 things off everyday this week. Screen shot it, or jot it down and stick up somewhere and tick off this daily happiness check list every day – and feel happy ๐Ÿ™‚ 

  1. Practice daily gratitude
  2. Start the day with a visualisation
  3. Say/write down positive affirmations that combat sloppy thinking, like “Today I am …”
  4. Take inspired action that propels you forward
  5. Spend time outdoors
  6. Drink plenty of water
  7. Do one thing that makes your soul happy
  8. Listen to music
  9. Move your body
  10. Smile often

Tag me on instagram @suzydys with the hashtag #healthspo if you’re following this daily happiness checklist this week ๐Ÿ™‚

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