What/Why Mission Body Reboot?

I really wanted to write something to mark the start of the official beginning of my own little personal project… Mission Body Reboot!

If you’ve been following me on Youtube, you’ll know I’ve started this new fitness/health journey to really reboot my body. Following being ill for a period of time, and not feeling my best, I knew it was time to make a change.

So I told myself my new goal for the next 6 week’s will be to reboot my body into feeling strong, healthy and energised whilst making improvements in the gym and in my lifestyle.

I needed to take a look at my current schedule and lifestyle choices to make some changes for the better. Even though I do live pretty healthily (with an occasional cheat/treat meal!) I know that some factors like workout scheduling, and planning meals could be improved to make sure that I’m getting the most out of my workouts/diet whilst allowing enough rest in between sweaty gym sessions and long dance days.


Flu, circulation problems, headaches, water infections and feeling tired all the time – the first point of action was to get better! I told my self that I was going to allow enough time to recover and really listen to my body to know when the right time was to set up a new routine. Even though not going to the gym or even dancing was super difficult, I knew that I needed to take this time and know that I’d be stronger for it! Rest is so important, and I just found out the hard way!


The next thing I did was set up a new schedule. I clicked open iCal and blocked out when the best times for me to workout. I thought about which day/time would be best to work on which muscle group with consideration to my teaching schedule – to ensure I won’t be burning myself out any time soon! I think this is important to anyone who has an active job; scheduling right and allowing enough periods of rest in between exercise. And not forgetting to label one day as a FULL REST DAY.

I even put meal prepping into my schedule – making a commitment to when I’d be meal prepping for which days… which leads me onto the next step.


Looking at my myfitnesspal diary, I noticed that I was lacking fats (in general) – even avocados (gasp!). I’ve always eaten well, but I know that I could do better on my macro goals and getting a better balance in my diet. My new daily macro goal now sits at 45% carbs 30% protein and 25% fat. Adding in more protein will help my body recover and adding more healthy fats in will give me some more energy! Placing my higher carb meals after workouts will also allow my body to recover more efficiently.

By making these macro adjustments, I’ve already noticed (after just one week) I crave less, I have more energy and I feel fuller for longer.


Workout schedule done, food plans in place, I took my before pictures, so I can look back at my progress over the next 6 weeks. If you’re looking for where these are, you won’t find them here, or on instagram, or on youtube! I guess when I’m feeling brave enough – and when I achieve the results I’m looking for; I might (might!) share them with you to show how things are going on this #MissionBodyReboot!


Having this purpose/goal is definitely keeping me focused. Starting it has given me a buzz and a motivation to achieve! But I think the real reason why I feel so strongly about doing this, is because this project is just for me. I think that’s so important when setting any goal; you have to do it because you really want it; not for anyone else, just for you!

I’ll be making new videos weekly over on youtube and vlogs/blogs about my progress with this Mission Body Reboot, so if you’re in need of some healthspo, or are interested in seeing how things are going then I invite you to share this journey with me on my blog, my youtube channel and instagram.

Encouraging everyone out there who has a goal or wants something better for themselves to start making it happen… Because you can do it!


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