How and why I’m starting a social media cleanse.

Last night, before I got into bed, I left my phone on the table in the living room. Getting into bed and knowing that I’ve escaped from messages and information was actually pretty satisfying. I normally sleep with my phone next to me on my bedside, but I’m changing that. Last night, I told Simon I need to buy an alarm clock.

I’m definitely a victim of this 21st century living.

I woke up this morning and realised that I think I’ve reached a point where I’m feeling pretty bitter over social media. Not because of people, relationships or even content; I’ve just realised I’ve spent way too much time scrolling, tapping and typing when I could be focusing on creative projects, getting stuff done and seeing the world around me.

Now this all sounds like I am slamming the world of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but I feel like social media in my life has gone from one extreme to another. From connecting with friends, to promoting my work, to now being an automatic response to “boredom” or “lack of engagement”in my life.

A need for a cleanse or change has definitely presented itself. I want to spend less time online and more time enjoying life off screen and achieving new goals.

Here’s a few ways I’m starting my social media cleanse!

  1. Not taking my phone to bed – and buying an alarm clock! So I can leave my phone in another room whilst I sleep. No more falling asleep watching videos, or even waking up to scrolling the internet.
  2. Setting daily limits – I’m going to actively start to cut down my time on social media and limit myself to 30 minutes a day where I can check or updating social media. I’ll be looking when I log in/log out and split this into two sessions of 15 minutes. Once mid day and once in the evening. This includes Facebook, instagram and youtube – which are the main platforms I use.
  3. Defining my social media purpose – for me personally, my purpose is business and personal. Having these things in mind gives me purpose for when I’m logging in and why I’m there in the first place. I can ask why am I logging in and what do I need to do when I’m online.

Saying all of this makes me sound like a complete addict! And although I already don’t bring my phone to dinner, on holiday or family time let’s me know that I’m not completely addicted, I just want to see how I feel with less interaction and what positive effects it can have on my lifestyle.

Remember that time without smart phones? I’m craving some of that!

Comment below and let me know if you’ve embarked a social media cleanse or if there are any tips or discoveries you’ve made too!


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