Trib3 Steel Week Achievement

Well, if you’d asked me 7 days ago if I thought I could have done 7 days of Trib3 workouts in one week – I wasn’t completely sure… but here I am, the otherside, celebrating success!

I have just finished my Trib3 STEEL WEEK and have ticked off one of my 2017 goals!

Trib3, the workout game-changer, now has 3 gym boutiques in the city where you can experience 45 minutes of super challenging, heart racing, sweaty sessions to build your strength and cardio to new levels. You can find out more about Trib3 and it’s concept here or read my first time review for a bit more insight.



At the end of 2016, I got super inspired to get back on my fitness game, and started getting back into the gym and Les Mills classes. When I’m active and in a routine, I feel so much more energised and alive… I guess this is reason why I love fitness; I like the escape it gives and the mind strength too!

There had been a few health set backs that had stopped me getting into regularly going to Trib3 2016, but thanks to the recent social media posts from the Trib3 Team and a few credits in my Trib3 account, I thought there’s no better excuse to get back there for the challenge and some epic workouts.

Completing this week has been tough, but incredibly rewarding. Committing my mind to doing this Steel week and pulling my body along with me down Ecclesall Road has made me stronger physically and mentally! I would definitely recommend anyone who’s seeking a workout challenge to go and try this experience of 7 days of HIIT.

My personal advice to anyone doing it?

  1. Don’t give up, or don’t give in – You can do it. Yes the mid-week DOMS is REAL, but you will push through it!
  2. Eat well, drink your recovery shakes, rest where you can and sleep like a princess. Your body needs it!
  3. If this is a commitment you’ve made and you’re set up and booked on to do it; don’t let anything stop you. Work, snooze buttons, dates, or the dishes. It’s happening. Keep focused and tick off those sessions day by day.
  4. Baths, foam rollers and hairdryers are your new best friends this week. Say hi to them and get acquainted.
  5. Smile, speak and relax to the lovely Trib3 warriors and staff – it’s one of the best things about Trib3. I personally still get nervous about the workouts before EVERY session because I know how hard they are; but it’s easier because you’re sweating in a positive and friendly environment where the trainers are epic, and your workout squad are all just like you- trying to better themselves under the Trib3 roof! So just soak up the experience.
  6. Promise yourself a reward on the last day; like a new workout outfit or a spa session and a Trib3 shake to say cheers with! Working towards this will add in some extra motivation.




A big thank you to Trib3 for 7 days of epic workouts – thank you to the trainers, staff and Trib3 friendly faces.

Let me know if you have tried Trib3 yet or share your recent workout achievements/successes!




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