How to make sure that 2017 slays 2016.

As much as we see the new year, new me plastered all over our friend’s social media pages; the diet book launches, the workout plans; I have to admit, I myself am completely accepting of a new year, new beginning state of mind.

Anyone who knows me knows that part of my being is the drive to become my best self. So as much as I set goals or challenges, the New Year is an excuse to review my progress to date.

I’ve asked myself a few questions and maybe, these are some that you can ask yourself too, so you can get the most out of 2017.

  1. What was great about the things I did/achieved in 2016 and why?
  2. What could have been improved towards the way I tackled goals in 2016? What stopped me? How can I improve this moving forward? Why do I want to improve it?
  3. What do I want to do this year, and WHY? How will I make this happen. How will it make me feel when I’ve achieved it?
  4. Can I set my goals for this year into smaller milestones to help achieve them this year? Will I give myself realistic deadlines to complete these milestones?
  5. What is my personal mission statement? What are my values, what is important to me, what are my priorities?
  6. Do I need to forgive anything, or anyone in order to clear my mind and move on with ME. If you do, an amazing way to do this is to write letters to those people or scenarios (okay, sounds a little crazy! but it works!) – you don’t need to give them to anyone; call it getting the bee out of your bonnet! 
  7. What are my fears – how can I overcome them? I will I feel when I have achieved this?
  8. Am I making the most out of every day? How could I maximise my time to fulfil my life? Whether that be quality time (with people you love) or productive time (career, projects, etc!)

Hopefully, just these questions and thoughts will fire you up and spark some motivation for those 2017 goals.

To help me this year; I’m committing to a number of achievable goals every 90 days, where I can set myself milestones and check in on my progress.

The things that help me keep on track are journalling and logging my progress (you can find my journalling blog here!).

Keeping inspired daily -whether that’s a youtube video, taking classes, trying new things or being inspired by those around me – is so important to feed my passion and will keep me motivated too!

And lastly, living a healthy and active lifestyle. I can’t stress enough that the time I feel most alive is when I’m active, eating healthily and feeling good in myself. Training my body makes me feel strong physically and mentally.

So whatever it is, only you can make it happen. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, go for it. Every day matters, and every day is a gift. You have 365 new chances. And if  that new year vibe still hasn’t made it your way yet – remember, every single day is the chance for a fresh start.  




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