Clean eating: My food story and lifestyle changes for life.

I wanted to share how my relationship with food has changed for the better. It all started

Yes, thats me before!

when I opened iPhoto a couple of years ago and thought, wow, I can see how heavy I am in this photo. I became more insecure about my weight, and hated seeing how I looked. I felt so tired all the time and started to notice how I was crashing from sugar most days. That struck the time for change!

Changing my food habits has helped me in the long run lose the excess weight and body fat. Besides dropping my fat percentage, the most important change I’ve felt is the way I feel. I’ve never felt more fresh and energised than I do now. I also feel more comfortable in my own skin; although being a true perfectionist (and a woman), I know there’s a few more body goals to tick off; but yes, of course I’m really happy and grateful for a healthy working body.

Besides the working out; I really can’t stress enough that food was the thing that changed everything. Here are a few things that helped me most and that might help you too!

*Major disclaimer: I’m not a nutritionist and these are the things that have helped me personally. 


When I heard this, it made a lot of sense to me! Eating food is to fuel and sustain your body  -and make it perform it’s best. Like a car needs petrol!

I asked myself, what am I fuelling my body with? Yep, of course, I started to notice exactly what was in my food; those jarred sauces, my cereal, the sugar content on the treats I was eating, the amount of sugars in my tea, and actually how artificial some of the foods were that I ate regularly. Before this revelation, I’d also become used to the calorie restricting, skipping meals and not eating breakfast some days – which of course in the long term only made me binge.

All of this made me see how I needed to put more quality and nutrition into my body and made me seek out a new lifestyle in terms of food. In fact, I cleared my cupboards from all the sugar and preservatives. (If you’re thinking of doing this too, definitely donate unwanted items to a foodbank!)


So when I was searching through the internet for healthy foodspiration, I came across so many different diets, detox teas, meal replacement shakes etc! The internet is a minefield of information! But the one thing that stuck out to me and that has really changed my life is “eating clean” or “clean eating”. This way of eating has become a lifestyle for me and I’ve never looked back. I actually enjoy food more now than before. Because it’s real food I’m eating.


I don’t crave refined sugar as much now due to the fact I’ve cut it out so much. Don’t get me wrong, my life isn’t just vegetables; I do believe that life is about balance and of course I do indulge in treats every now and then! But because I’ve cut it out that much, I don’t crave it often, and if I want something sweet, I make a healthy all natural version. Check out my sugar detox blog if you need help combating the sweet stuff!


Meal prepping and planning has really helped me stay on track. Prepping food for work or on the go stops me reaching for cravings or even spending money on less healthy options. It’s also super easy knowing you can reach for lunches you’ve made for the week.

Every week on our fridge door, we also put up a plan for meals. It makes dinner time for more easier, healthier (because we planned it to be!) and stops us from getting to the point where we look for convienent or less healthy options.


I definitely didn’t drink near enough the right amount of water before, which led me to more food when in fact I was probably just dehydrated! Drinking more water helped me feel more alert and stopped the hunger pangs! Do you drink at least 2 litres a day?

I hope some of these things here will help you kick a new regime to become healthier and happier with food.

Leave a comment to let me know what things helped you make big changes or any other foodie tips!

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