Life Update: Career, Coffee and Collaborations

I felt like posting something a little different this week here on my blog, and it feels nice to share a little piece of me that maybe no one has seen or is aware of. I’m consciously not too public with my life or work, as I love working in ‘silence’ in terms of social media. But, I thought now would be the perfect time to do a ‘life update’ kind of post, and to share my revelation with you all, because lately I feel like there’s been so much happening, and so much change – in a good way! (To top things off, I even got engaged!)

In the last few months, I’ve travelled a lot and I’ve been so lucky to have bursts of ‘time-outs’. Every time I’d be travelling, I’d be thinking “perfect, just when I feel burnt out, I can have some time to just collect my thoughts and start over when I’m home”.

These ‘time-outs’ have enabled me to keep reflecting. I think reflection is so important to me personally. I’m always thinking, “what’s next?” and how can better myself, or progress with whatever it is I’m working on – because I’ve learnt I’m really not good at being complacent!

Strangely, this last week, I’ve had a revelation. I’ve actually discovered that all the work that I’ve been doing, in which, at times feels completely random and sporadic, is actually piecing together in one big puzzle that I call my career! At the start of this year, my career scared me, and to be honest I began to get unsure about what it was I thought I wanted from my ‘job’ with dance. I’ve pressurised my whole career on dance for a long time and now, I feel so differently.

I realised that from only picking and choosing the dance experiences/work that gave me joy, and not forcing myself to go audition for a job because I felt like “I had to”, I’ve been focusing more on the creative side of dance- choreographing for various projects, artists and companies locally. I’ve also been really enjoying teaching and choreographing my own work. I’ve realised now that the creative aspect and the sharing part of what I do is maybe part of my calling with dance…

Aside from dance, I had another work related revelation. My work as a brand ambassador (even when I feel it fulfils my bank account more than me or anyone else) has taught me more about my core values. I care for people, and I care about things that are good for people – mentally and physically. Establishing my core values has really helped me boost my creativity for writing and blogging. I can identify the topics I feel most passionate about and I can enjoy researching and writing about them – which not only enhances my life and my lifestyle choices, but can inspire others to live more positive and healthy lifestyles too.

Using my core values, and interest in health and lifestyle, my blog is slowly growing in content and followers and I’m really enjoying having time to write. I feel like this month I’ve been able to define my blog brand and my content. More and more opportunities to collaborate with companies are also making themselves present and even my love of coffee has led me to an opportunity to write for So here comes the shameless plug: If you love coffee like me, this site is a brand new online coffee community, featuring all things coffee! (Keep an eye out for my posts later this month too!)

Fitness is also definitely increasing in the top of my priorities too. I love that it’s my escape from work and my own thoughts, and I love the feeling after a good workout. Of course, this feeling is exactly why I’m training to become a PT – to help share this feeling with others and to bring out the best in others. Of course, that’s in addition to the dancing, blogging and ambassador-ing… (because who needs time to sleep?)

Being receptive to only the things that spark and excitement or joy in me, rather than just seeking any opportunity (or excepting any opportunity) has led many opportunities towards my direction. (Can we just say opportunity one more time?) I notice it’s when I’m not seeking jobs, and just enjoying my work and lifestyle, that I’m a magnet to opportunity. And the right ones for me. I’ve been incredibly lucky this month to receive so many opportunities to teach and share dance, write for magazines and blogs and choreograph for local artists and performance companies – as well as find success in my own projects…

This quote really stood out to me this week; “If it doesn’t open, it’s not your door”. I’m a believer that my hard work is guiding me somewhere, and on the path I’m meant to be, and the doors I’m meant to enter. Even if those aren’t the doors I thought I’d be entering. Its kind of like, I’m listening and realising my calling in this stage of my life. In the mean time, I’m trusting the universe and the open and locked doors. Who knows what’s on the other side.


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