Post Vacation, Getting back on track and Health & Fitness App Motivation

Well, it’s been 2 weeks that I’ve been away on holiday and whilst I’ve still been working out and staying active through adventuring, I’ve definitely indulged! I’ve had the most amazing time away and have seen some beautiful parts of the world, soaking up much needed downtime in lots of sunshine!

But now I’m home, I’m definitely on “reboot” mode! I’m back to eating clean with more veggies in my diet, consciously drinking more water, and gradually getting back into my workouts.

So to celebrate this post-vacation reboot, and moment of lifestyle refocus, I thought I’d share my top five favourite apps that are helping me get back on track with my health and fitness!

My Fitness Pal


Anyone who knows me knows how much I love and rave about My Fitness Pal. It’s an app that helps you track and log what you’re eating each day, how much water you’re drinking and your exercise. You can log and even scan barcodes of foods that you consume which helps you track calories and macros, keep your sugar down and bring your awareness to your diet. I’m back logging in to help me rebalance my diet after indulging away!

Runtastic Six Pack 


Meet Angie, your new best friend on Runtastic’s Six Pack app. You can set yourself up for an ab challenge on this app over a training plan and work your way through the levels, or even just open the app when you’re feeling like a challenging core workout. Try ‘Girls on Fire’ for a 15 minute core session or if you’re feeling like a boss, go for the 25 minute Runtastic CEO workout. Feeling so much better after reuniting with this app already!

Nike Running


With the British weather holding up well, I’ve decided to take my runs to the great outdoors. I love Nike’s Running app as it logs your run and distance from GPS, updates you verbally over your iTunes or Spotify, and you can compete with friends and join challenges. It’s a great app to build up on your stamina and track your progress. I’m getting back into my runs this week with this gorgeous weather!



Headspace is a meditation app which will help you gain mindfulness. I love that I can zone out to a session on this app and feel a lot more relaxed and refocused as each day starts. I feel like a clear mind helps me make more positive lifestyle choices and makes getting back into routines easier.



I’m sure that if you read my review on my Fitbit you’ll already know why I’m addicted to this app! Fitbit’s app is helping me with my motivation to be active each day, as well as drinking enough water and getting the right amount of sleep. Take a look on my previous post for more about Fitbit’s and the app!

So, if you’ve just returned from holiday yourself and are seeking a bit of a ‘health reboot’, or just want a bit of inspiration to get motivated, try these apps, and let me know your favourites!


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