Dyson Supersonic Review

After recently becoming a brand ambassador for Dyson Supersonic, and having the opportunity to go down to Dyson HQ to see why their new product is so revolutionary to the haircare market; I thought I’d share all the low down on this new product release with you before it comes out in store this Friday!

So, firstly what is Dyson Supersonic? It’s Dyson’s brand new hair dryer. Yes, James Dyson is at it again with his air multiplying technology, and now he’s changing the way we’ve always known a hairdryer to be; a household item that we all own, and that’s always had the same design since the 1960’s.

I mean, just take a look at this fancy new bit of hair drying kit!

Vogue UK

On first impressions, it looks pretty futuristic! The weight of the dryer is considerably lighter, and when you turn it on, it’s far less noisy than a normal dryer. It has 3 temperature specific heat settings up to 100 degrees, and the filter is in the bottom of the handle. The dyer also comes with 3 styling attachments (including nozzles and diffuser) which magnetically clip onto the Supersonic. It comes in two colours- fuchsia or white. And then there’s the price tag, yes, it’s £299 for a hair dryer! Nearly £300 and at this point I wanted the answer to know exactly what I’d be getting for those pennies!


So here come’s the technical bit! This dryer is all about the V9 motor and the position of it – it’s 6 times faster, a third of the weight, and up to a third of the size of other hair dryer motors, that normally sit in the head of the dryer. Completely rebalancing the dryer’s weight and shape, Dyson have put the motor in the handle – making the supersonic designed for balance, and a more comfortable hair drying experience.

You might be asking why the hairdryer has a hole right through the centre of the head? That space allows the air multiplying technology to triple airflow for fast drying. Hello 41 litres of air per second, and hello to cutting your blow-dry time in half (yay!).

The microprocessor in the product measures air temperature 20 times per second, preventing extreme heat damage and protecting natural shine.

In my eyes, Dyson have created a really impressive and revolutionary product soon to be loved by everyone. £50 million has been spent on the development of this product, whilst Dyson studied the science of hair, and 600 prototypes were made… And now it’s ready and coming to stores!


I was so inspired by the empire James Dyson has created whilst visiting Dyson’s headquarters and wow, what an amazing environment the team and engineers have to work in!

Dyson Supersonic launches in stores this Friday and if you want to come take a look and have a play, come down to the brand new counter in John Lewis, Sheffield on the beauty floor where I’ll be sharing the excitement!


Visit the Dyson Website for more product info, and follow their new instagram @dysonhair for more sneak peeks!



*photos sourced from Vogue & Dyson

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