Sugar Detox

How many of us go through our days craving something sweet? Or how many of us pick up our favourite treat and then feel sluggish after? And who just read this title, and wants to make healthier diet choices and feel better for it?

Here’s my sugar detox story.

Not long ago, I went through a sugar detox that was 10 days of no refined sugars. Cold turkey. No chocolate (gasp!). Nada! I said goodbye to white sugar in tea, sugar loaded chocolatey snacks and refined bread. My reasons for doing this was because I always felt tired, and I knew that me and sugar were not friends! Anyone who knows me will know my body has weird reactions to sugar and sometimes my body even aches, and I get really bad migraines.

So, it was time to prepare for battle! I set myself up by getting rid of everything refined in my house, and filling my fridge with the good stuff (we’ll talk about foods later). I meal prepped and planned the 10 days so I could stay on track, and I thought of recipes and snacks that would keep me excited and loving food without the sugar! (Hello sweet potatoes, and homemade chipotle!)

Now, I won’t lie, the first week was really tough! At times, I  craved sugar ALOT, and every time I tried to substitute the bad foods I wanted, I wasn’t satisfied from the healthy substitute, but I stuck though it anyway. Honestly, I even found myself saying “if you need to, there can be a treat on Saturday…” But by Saturday, 5 days through, I didn’t even want sugar. I started noticing how I was less tired, less stressed and just felt a whole lot better for cutting it out completely!

Let’s think about what we eat and drink in one week. If we were to put all this food and filled glasses on your dining room table, what would it look like? Looking at all that food on your table, and you happy for that to go in your body to fuel you for your days at work, workouts or epic adventures? How much of that food is sugar loaded or has added ingredients that you didn’t know were even edible? (mmm, yum, 8-methyl-N-vannillyl-6-nonenamide!?) What would you like to see on that table?

There are so many reasons to eat less sugar in our diets to improve our overall health. The Greatist really sums it up well here.

So if  you’re ready to feel more energised, make healthier diet choices, lose weight and lower risk of disease, start the sugar detox!

The Quick how to do the Sugar Detox:

  1. Clear out all temptation in your home, say goodbye to any sugar filled sauces in your cupboard or biscuits in the biscuit jar if you’re serious on this one. Do your good deed of the day, and donate these to a food bank if possible.
  2. Take a look at the food guide below at the foods you can eat. Think about the foods you like, and plan on paper yummy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas. Take a look on pinterest clean eats and sugar-free recipes. Remember to consider that you can eat natural sugars, but limit yourself to 1-2 pieces of fruit a day – and stock up on the veggies to make you feel fuller for longer.
  3. Hit the supermarket, to fill your fridge with fresh foods to set you up for your detox, using the food guide and your meal plan.
  4. Share the detox experience with friends so they can feel epic too! Encourage partner/room mates or family members to join in too! Even document the whole thing on social media if you’re looking for a bit more support, motivation and encouragement. Tag me too, and I can help cheer you on!
  5. Start NOW. You don’t need to wait until Monday, hop right into it now. Put that 10 day countdown calendar in your diary, or on your fridge. You’ve built up this motivation to make you and your body feel amazing, so go for it.

Remember, increasing the water you drink and adding in foods that balance out your insulin/sugar levels will really help you out on reducing your sugar cravings. Focus on adding in more healthy fats (nuts, chia seeds, coconut oil, avocados, organic grass-fed butter) proteins, (lean meats, tofu, whey protein) and fibre (vegetables, berries).

For most, this won’t just be a 10 day thing, it will be a lifestyle change, and you will feel so much better for it…

Let me know if you’re starting this sugar-free detox! Tag me on instagram and twitter, @suzdys or on my facebook page



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