Fitbit Review! Get Motivated with Fitbit.


Many of you may have seen something flashing on my wrist during classes or at the gym from time to time, and I wanted to tell you all how addicted I am to using this new little gadget! So much so, here I am on my blog about to tell you all about it too!

It’s the Fitbit Charge HR Fitness tracker!

FitBit produce wearable fitness trackers which can help you monitor your activity levels, producing stats including everything from how many steps you have taken to sleep tracking for example.

For me, using a product like this definitely helps keep me motivated. I can make goals on how active I want to be each week and work towards 10,000 steps a day for example. I can track my progress in terms of how often I’m working out or even complete challenges on the FitBit app to encourage friends to get active with me.

Fitbit say that fitness is not just about gym time, it’s all the time, which is a belief I share too. It’s the small things that can make big changes for some people who are looking to live a more active lifestyle – like the walk to work instead of the drive, or setting aside that time to get in a workout. It’s all going to count.

Let’s talk about the appearance of this particular Fitbit model. The Charge HR looks pretty tidy and sleek from the outside which I enjoy. Unlike other fitness trackers, it doesn’t look bulky, or manly or even watch like – and it features an adjustable strap so the tracker can sit on your wrist securely (unlike my last fitness band that used to loosely sit on my wrist, and have a party for one, whilst I was running or dancing!) It also has a touch sensitive screen which you can tap to take you through your stats.

It’s features are pretty clever. This Fitbit tracks workouts, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes & steps. It also has a PurePulse heart rate monitor in the wristband which monitors continuous wrist based heart rate – you can use this information to  ensure your body is getting an optimum workout during exercise. (More about how to use HR in workouts here). I like that you can also turn on your exercise mode to record specific workouts to see more detailed post-workout summaries too.

Other little things I like about this Fitbit are it’s Caller ID feature – when someone is calling my phone, my Fitbit will vibrate, which is super useful for someone like me who is always on the go. Also unlike my last exercise tracker, this fitbit can last up to 4-5 days without being charged too, so no worries that I’ll lose power throughout the day.

The thing that really is the icing on the cake for the Fitbit is the Fitbit App. It continuously syncs information from your fitbit to your phone, and provides all your stats to easily review on one page. It’s also where you can cheer on friends, and complete fun challenges. Fitbit get’s super cute and tells you your achievements and gives you award badges, like how you’ve climbed a Lighthouse, or marched the distance of a penguin!

I’ve already recommended this Fitbit to quite a few people, who are all really enjoying using it. They all say the same – it keeps them super motivated and it’s just really fun to use.

Check out the Fitbit website for details on all their products and The Fitbit Charge HR.


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