Happy Half Year! Let’s Journal and make it count!

So this year, I have made a new habit that I never considered before, and I’ve enjoyed journalling so much, it’s become part of my daily routine. A journal can be a way to log the past, present and future, and something you can look back at to reflect or see your accomplishments.

Personally, journaling is my way to let my thoughts run freely on paper and to gain focus on what is important to me. To make a disclaimer, I’m definitely one that enjoys writing and list-making in a endless collection of pretty, multiple sized, cute notepads (yes, I’m one of those people!) so to journal doesn’t seem an effort to me, and I find it very therapeutic! But if you’re already thinking that having a journal might seem very time consuming, and too much effort, I promise that if you dedicate time to journal, you’ll find journalling really productive and rewarding.

So, if you’re open to the idea, to start with, think about some goals you’d like to achieve by the end of the year, or actions you regularly want to take to maximise productivity, growth or positive change within your life. Let’s make our half-year resolutions!

You can journal in so many ways. I personally use a Journal by Daily Greatness – it’s designed to highlight positivity, gratitude, and personal growth. I’ve also recently discovered Bullet Journal‘s, which I know I’ll switch to soon when this one runs out. Bullet journal’s are a very clever and simplistic way of journalling using bullet points and keys. It’s perfect for personalising and having a journal that caters to you. There are even ways to journal that are dedicated to a specific project or business idea happen, like a Treadmill Journal, which involves logging what you work has been done, the progress of it and the time spent on making it happen. Alternatively, you can always just keep it simple and use a blank notepad. Make the first page your goal list with target dates alongside to check off  and use the remainder pages to write freely – maybe with your daily notes, thoughts, tasks, accomplishments, things your learnt, and gratitude when you feel inspired to.

Journalling for me takes place in the morning and evening. I wake up and over breakfast write, for example, what I am grateful for, what I’d love to do today, and my focus for the day. I write down my appointments, tasks and reminders too. At night, when the day has ended, I pick up my journal from my beside and note things that I loved about the day, what I learned or what made me feel proud or happy.

So, maybe it’s time for all of us to have a new years eve moment again! Let’s fire ourselves up again, inject productivity and positivity in life, and connect with our values, emotions and personal goals. Start a journal and make the next half of this year one that’s successful and memorable.



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