The KonMari Method & organising your life

On a mission to declutter my wardrobe, (and admittedly, maybe my life too!) I immediately picked up Marie Kondo’s book on the shelf of WHSmith’s, labelled “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying”. Inside, I was giggling at how my OCD qualities were enjoying the idea of reading this book, and I was instantly sold by the idea of “banishing clutter forever“.

Throughout this book, Marie Kondo introduces us to her KonMari Method of tidying. She asks us to ask our belongings if they spark joy, and if they don’t, it’s time to thank them for their purpose and discard. This way we will only be left with the items we truely love in our home.

Let me tell you, just based on my wardrobe, there were so many items that were hung in there dormant, tops that didn’t fit me right, go-to items that I didn’t actually enjoy wearing, or dresses that I hadn’t worn in years! It was definitely time to say goodbye to things, and 3 giant blue ikea bags later, goodbye to the clutter in my wardrobe!

I still have books, papers and sentimental items to go in my tidying journey, and I can really visualise how free my space will feel after applying this method.

Kondo also talks about tidying in categories rather than room, folding and organisation and designating a space for everything, as well as so many other clever secrets and tips.

For me the result of this book has made me feel like I am beginning to live in a more minimalistic environment in which I feel clarity, and I am surrounded by only the things I really love. The process in tidying and decluttering has made me reflect on times where I accumulated these materialistic items, and how much I have grown now in my life.

I would definitely recommend taking a read of this book or even a look on the web at Marie Kondo and her magic ways of tidying. It’s detoxifing, liberating and it really is life-changing.


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