Today I had my very first experience at Trib3, a gym that has newly opened on Ecclesall road here in Sheffield. My friend Luana said she had been to a session recently and it was a super tough workout that I had to try, so of course, we went together to try out the FULL BODY session!

Let me tell you… This workout is one of the hardest workout’s I’ve ever done! Trainer George took us through a high intensive full body workout which included crazy treadmill sprints with cheeky inclines (omg), burning dumbbell lifts and squats and burpees and core moves to leave every inch of your body feeling like it’s done 2weeks in the gym – in 45 minutes.

Why is it enjoyable I hear you ask? Well honestly, the pain/exhaustion/feeling like you’re about to throw up part isn’t the best! But that feeling at the end is so worth it! Thanks to motivation from a great trainer, great music and an amazing training facility – it’s the best workout I’ve had in Sheffield – and it’s that Trib3 vibe that pushes you through!

Cooling off with a cold refrigerated towel, and a pineapple power shake is a must, and you’ll deserve it. They have such a nice cosy lounge area, with it’s own shake bar, and changing rooms equipped with lockers and sweat essentials! Little things like the sweatbags for your gym clothes and the complimentary use of deodorants or dry shampoo if you forget them, lets you know that Trib3 understands the struggle is real if you’re walking out not feeling fresh.

Trib3, thank you so much for an amazing session, and thank you to all the staff who put my nerves at ease and made me feel so welcome! I’ll be back very soon!

Visit Trib3‘s website for more info, sign up, and get your first session free! 

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  1. lexilife says:

    That sounds awesome!! I wish I had a cool gym like that near by – I’m forever searching for the perfect one and seeing them all over my reader lmao. Great job it sounds so exhausting!! xx

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    1. suzydyson says:

      Aww Katy! Hope you find somewhere you like soon! London has got to have something right? 🙂 aw thank you! thank you for reading and commenting – love your lexilife blog 🙂 xxx!

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      1. lexilife says:

        I’m beginning to think that I need to find out what the gyms are like before moving to places hehe. Thank you so much Suzy I appreciate it! xxxx

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