Coffee with Me.

I just wanted to check in on my blog, to share a little moment of revelation.

I was feeling pretty lost a week or so ago, and I told myself, after a very hectic schedule of rehearsals, work and shows that it was time to slow down. I felt like I was almost having a mid-life crisis. I started asking myself too many questions, like “Where is my life going like this?” and “What am I working towards?”. I needed some time to stop, and a moment to reflect.

The word “clarity” was at the forefront of my mind.

My instinct told me to get out of my house, and to sit somewhere to focus on this. So I took myself to a coffee shop, with a notepad and settled on my own. I needed some quality time with me, just to think.

I opened a blank page and began to write. Considering my lifestyle, my social circles, my career, my passions, I wrote down my dream scenarios , my goals, what actions I would have to take to get there. I brought my attention back to my life; who I am; what I want to achieve, and what’s important.

Just allowing my mind to run free, write all these things down, and making to time to re-focus on what’s important was just what I needed. It was like a massive exhale from getting caught up into to stresses of life and re-focusing on what matters.

Maybe we all need to spend a little more quality time with ourselves, for ourselves. I’ve realised now how important reflection is. I know there will be more coffee’s with me, just to keep that focus – that clarity.




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