Veganism & Easy Vegan Switches

It seems like health trends (particularly the foodie ones) are increasingly becoming a fashion. Remember the detox waters on instagram? The skinny teas? The Eat Clean Diet? All trends that boomed popularity in 2015 that people are still following now.

Most recently, I see lots of people are interested in becoming “Vegan”. With the launch of veganuary this month, I thought I’d share with you some of the benefits of becoming vegan. Even if you don’t choose to completely switch to the vegan lifestyle, maybe a few switches here and there may make you (and the environment) feel lots better!

Veganism is a lifestyle which aims to exclude all forms of exploitation and cruelty to animals – whether that be food or clothing, or using animals any other purpose. Following a vegan diet involves avoiding all animal foods such as meat, fish, diary, eggs, and honey as well as any products that are animal tested or originate from animals.

I mean yes, this is a pretty drastic change to most of our diets, and you may be thinking “well what can I eat?” but there are so many benefits that can go with this lifestyle choice, especially if you want to protect animals, or make a environmental impact on the world we live in – and it’s not as difficult as you may think…

There are so many websites, recipe books and articles online that will show you numerous meal options and tips on becoming vegan.

Personally, even if this is a massive lifestyle change, and something I’m not too sure on switching to completely yet, I have chosen to make a few changes to my lifestyle in order to do my little bit for the planet and animals.

I’ve started adding more plant-based foods to my diet, and I’ve cut back on animal products and processed foods. Here are a few examples of my switches in my refrigerator, that maybe you might find easy to change too.

The diary switch

I feel so much better for drinking soy milk apposed to regular cows milk. Adding this to my porridge, protein shakes, and baking is pretty easy and simple, and still tastes great. My favourite combinations are almond milk for nutty tasting porridge and coconut milk for super yummy coffees! Alpro soya chocolate desserts are definitely a guilty pleasure also!

Meat Free Options

So yes, I haven’t completely cut out meat or fish, but using Quorn’s vegan range makes it easy to use meat styled pieces in curries, or stir-frys. Even just by changing 2-3 meals a week to meat free still makes a difference! Tofu, Chickpeas, Beans, and Mushrooms are also top choices for bulking up your homemade dishes.

Brand switching

I’ve definitely bought into brands that do their bit, and where the quality shows too. Special mentions go to these favourites – Meridan (for Peanut butter, and the blueberry jam!), Eco-tools (makeup brushes), Nakd (fruit and nut bars), Kallo (Rice cakes & other organic products) Alpro (for all diary alternatives) and Lush (because we all know how much I love Lush and bathing treats).

So whether you’re thinking of making a complete vegan switch or some small changes, it can be your personal contribution to save animals, halve greenhouse gas emissions, cut down cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, and reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Take a look here at for some more information, ideas and tips on the vegan lifestyle.


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