Steam Yard


Early morning shifts naturally call for coffee, and after finding out about this little coffee treasure on Division Street, it was only right that I let you all know why it’s one of my new favourite coffee hangouts.

I was actually meant to be meeting a friend for a coffee catch up, but as my plans changed, I found myself relaxing here anyway; treating myself to lunch and and a hot drink to warm up in this dreadful rainy weather!

On the inside, there are so many treats on display at the counter; more noticibly, the array of donuts and pastries! Not to mention a great selection of chocolate, brownies and scones too! And if all that wasn’t enough, I spotted a box full of macaroons!


Bypassing the sugary goodness, (I know, willpower or what?!) I opted for a bit more lunch appropriate Motzerella, Pesto and Tomato flatbread – warm and toasted – which was so good!


I got pretty indecisive at the coffee menu, because I wanted to give everything a try… But decisions between coffee and hot chocolate led me to a Mocha,  which came to the table looking so artsy and dusted with chocolate! Yum!


Steam Yard has a super relaxed atmosphere and I love their chilled out playlist you can hear amongst happy customers sipping good coffee and munching mouthwatering donuts. It’s interior follows the theme of all things alternative, with a nod to motorcycles and a hint of vintage-retro-ness.

I have to mention how super nice and friendly all the staff are and that you can tell every customer is cared for in this little gem of a shop. They insist on bringing your treats to the table, along with a smile. I mean, your dog could walk in here and be guaranteed a warm Steam Yard welcome. Literally!


Cute pooch photo captured by @SteamYard

Anyone who knows me will know how much I love a good coffee, and dare I say, Steam Yard’s cup is pretty up there. In fact, it’s most likely to be my new ‘go to’ to get a coffee in Sheffield now… Of course, I also sampled a cappuccino whilst visiting (because well, I had to make sure…)

Steam Yard says they’re all about ‘good coffee and great friends’ and I definitely get that vibe by the relaxed atmosphere here. I think it’s a great place to hangout with a handcrafted coffee and a taste of donut heaven. And the service really does put the cherry on top.

Thank you Steam Yard. I’ll definitely be back soon. I’m eyeing up one of your Nutella/Peanut Butter/Marshmallow Hot Steam Yard S’mores donuts already…



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