My Insta favourites and How to make Instagram work for you

Yes, sharing my favourite instagram follows with you all could (does!) sound a little bit like I’m obsessed with instagram and social media… But I promise there’s a deeper message with this post!

I think recently, social media is taking over lives and we can all become a little bit obsessed with it; we can compare ourselves to others over a screen, and we can also get into a habit of being addicted to checking our social media accounts every hour of every day and even worse, in the company of others!

So, if we must have these social media platforms, why not work them to our advantage?

Here’s who I’m following and why.

My friends because these are the people who mean most to me and If I followed the whole of the city, you guys would get filtered out. And no one wants to follow their haters, ex-boyfriends or those follow for follow randoms right?

Accounts that inspire me, interest me, or make me happy! So for example, one of those gold old motivational, feel-good, positive thinking type accounts that post motivational quotes & mantras, like @motivationquotes @thekindnesstakeover or @thegoodquote.

I also like to follow fitness and health accounts to keep me motivated like @thebodycoach, @beachbodyhq @carlyrowena @detoxfoods and of course, following super adorable smile delivering accounts like @jiffpom always make me happy! Because what little pomeranian dog that looks like a bear couldn’t?!

Career, lifestyle or hobby related accounts. Because they always motivate you to take whatever you’re up to in real life to the next level! For me it’s dance, but it could be whatever you’re into! Whether it be yoga, or fashion or make-up artistry… Follow accounts that teach you more about whatever floats your boat, or even accounts that give you opportunity to be better! There’s an account for EVERYTHING, so there’s always an opportunity to use Instagram as a research tool.

Be positive with what you read and with what you share with the world, and make social media cater to you.


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