Seize the day. Everyday.

The other night, I made a conscious decision that the next day, I was going to wake up early enough to fit an insanity workout in before work. So I set my alarm for around 6.45am and told myself that that was exactly what I was going to do. The next morning, despite an earlier than usual alarm and the task of insanity on my hands, I actually woke up feeling great, knowing I had a purpose before work and that I had to make the most of my hours in the day. It also felt rewarding that I’d already finished my workout by 8am and that I didn’t have to do it after work. I even had time to sit down at my dining room table with an omelette, green tea and a moment of tranquilness before a long day ahead.

This one, small, active choice made me think that from now on, I have no excuse not to ‘seize the day’ more often, and fit more productivity and purpose into my days. What was I doing with my morning’s before? How many hours in a day do I seize? How can I make the most of every day?

And because life is for living, I just wanted to share this thought with the big wide world. Do you often seize the day?

Here are a few ways that help me take charge and seize the day.

1. Do the right preparation for the day ahead by sleeping well. For me, I need to turn my phone on flight mode and write down on a notepad any thought’s I have buzzing around in my head as a way to empty my brain and allow my mind to switch off. Also if there’s anything I know I need to do the next day, I’ll write this down as a to do list, reassuring myself anything super important won’t be forgotten as it’s on the list. A warm shower and body treats like using my favourite LUSH body lotion and face moisturiser always leaves me feeling relaxed before bedtime, and fresh in the morning.

2. Be a morning person or learn how to become one. Wake up a little earlier, set your alarm with some good, motivational, feel good music and don’t press the snooze button – for me snoozing only makes me feel more groggy! Making a little extra time in the morning to put the kettle on, eat a healthy breakfast and relax at my own leisure makes a less stressful and more enjoyable start to my day.

3. Have goals for the day. I personally like to set 3 goals for each day. This way it’s not to overwhelming and easy to keep to, and they don’t always big goals either. They could be anything from “seek new opportunities to progress my career” or “do one random act of kindness”.

4. Exercise. I like to exercise in the morning because I feel like it’s the time where I have the most energy and it get’s me moving and pumped for the day ahead. Exercise releases endorphins which make you happy, and happiness will help you on your mission to seize the day for sure.

5. Live the life you want to live. This means wake up every day and do what you love – do the things that make you happy, be the person you want to be, make everyday a good one, build memories… You are in control of the choices you make. So make choices that make you happy and live the life you want to live. It’s all up to you.

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