Why I love Insanity Workouts

I think most of my closest know I’ve been on a completely new fitness journey for the last month! I began to feel pretty sluggish in myself and in my body and wanted to see and feel a change!

I knew I had to get into something that would challenge me and push me to the max, and most importantly, give me results I was looking for!

So I decided to start the 60 day insanity workout program with Shaun T and Team Beachbody!

If you’re unfamilar with insanity then click here for a little preview of what it’s all about.

I’m only halfway through my insanity journey but I wanted to share why I think it’s so great, and why it’s working for me!

It pushes you to workout to your limits. Before doing this workout, I was guilty of being one of those people who went to the gym, and always did the same routine – cross trainer, treadmill, bike, rowing 3 times a week – and I wasn’t really pushing myself to workout HARD. Every insanity workout always pushes you to your limits and the insanity workout calendar makes sure you’re always rotating different workouts with different focuses to keep your body challenged.

It’s motivating! FYI, that guy that’s on the screen shouting at you to ‘dig deeper’ is Mr Shaun T. I love how he’s encouraging and motivating throughout the workouts. The other motivating thing about this workout you can see the results pretty quickly; I know after the first week, I already felt and saw a few differences in myself and my body – even if they were small! This definitely made me want to continue and see the challenge through.

You’re working with your own bodyweight. I think for me, this is another reason why insanity is working well for me – It’s making my whole body stronger because of working with my own body weight. Yes, those push up jacks, power squats and tuck jumps are a killer for me! But it means that I’m getting stronger without using weights and focusing on a whole body workout.

Other things I like about this program is that it comes with a workout calendar so you can keep crossing off each day (with a sense of accomplishment!) and that it comes with a meal plan too – so you know how to fuel your body with the right foods to get maximum results and to keep you energised for your insane workouts.

Maybe if I get brave, I’ll post my day 1 and day 30 picture here to show you my progress so far!

I think the lesson from my fitness journey so far is to do something different! Do something you wouldn’t normally do – it could be something super simple! Like go for a swim or cycle! Or extreme…. like insanity! Challenge your body to do something different, enjoy working out and feeling great after.

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